Rose + Adam, Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, London

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Rose and Adam chose Pembroke Lodge as it brought together both of their worlds, having met and lived together in London, they wanted a London wedding, but as they both grew up near the New Forest in Hampshire, the park with its deer and other wildlife made them feel like they had the best of both. They also found the team at Pembroke Lodge super helpful and extremely organized so their decision was made easy.

This really was a day full of emotion. Their nearest and dearest got involved in all the finer detail.  The beautiful flowers were put together by one of Rose’s oldest friends, Izzie, although not a professional florist worked hard with her Mum to produce the most beautiful arrangements. Another old friend Claire, who does loads of arts and crafts and has her own kiln made the fabulous cake topper so it was a true homemade wonder!

So many brilliant personal touches, home made sloe gin from locally foraged sloes for favors, hand painted art work for the invitations, table names and so on. Everyone pulled together to make this a very personal occasion.

The fabulous Cat Fransham ( did an amazing job on Roses’ hair and makeup. She was very reluctant about having it done but she put Rose entirely at ease and made her look exactly as she hoped. Stunning just goes without saying! Very 1920’s/1930’s. Cat, also a keen photographer took some of her own lovely shots too.

One of the most special parts of the evening for Rose & Adam was having Roses’ Brother in Law Micky (bass player from the Answer, a classic rock band from Northern Ireland and her good friend Luke, (lead singer in band the Crooked Fingers perform an absolutely beautiful rendition of Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe for the first dance. This was amazing as it was so very personal, and also because they sounded just amazing!

Being part of their day was an absolute privilege and one, which I will remember for a very long time.

Congratulations guys!!


What a wonderful day. I love the fact so many people helped to make it so special, but in such personably ways.
Gorgeous xx


Beautifully written Hayley, with exquisite images from what looks like a perfect day. Love your work!


Thank you Michelle, I have to be honest I had a little help from Rose who kindly gave me aLl the finer details. Pleased you like my work!


Thank you Barbara. It was definitely a very special day.

rose riley

Ahhh! What a wonderful blog – thanks Hayley. It was such a fantastic day and your hard work and enthusiasm, and the stunning images you produced, from the big group shots to all the little details are a wonderful reminder for us of how we had (thought luck, chance, a fluke sunny day in February, and the hard work of a lot of loved ones) the perfect wedding day!
Lots of love and thanks, Rose and Adam

Beautiful, timeless photography that fits the style of the wedding.


Lovely post and beautifully photographed :) I just love the colours in the flowers & the bridesmaids dresses !

Lynne zverko

Hayley, these photos are gorgeous, you truly are an amazing photographer and so very personal about everyone’s special day. It is a delight to read your special words and follow your schedules.


Awww thank you Lynne. I’ve truly met some amazing people through my work. I feel very privileged!

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